Tips to Instagram your Business


Instagram announced of reaching the users count of 200 million monthly users, just two months ago, with over 20 billion photos shared on its network since its inception.


As based on a report from eMarketer, March 2014, an estimation of about 40.5 million of the total Instagram users are US based, which displayed a record of entering Instagram and continues to grow.


Mainly filled with millennial and GenX users, the basic age group of Instagram users are between 18 and 44(69%).The platform of Instagram is growing with each passing day.

  • Real photos of real things will be taken by real people


Instagram is a place to not only find yourself but also leverage your user-generated content.  In addition, being a photographer and an artist is possible at the same time. Users nowadays are quite aware, so they will never buy the artificial pictures that you will post. They would rather appreciate real life pictures. Share genuine posts, along with editing apps if you wish to enhance the imagery to achieve the authentic Instagram look.

  • Feature the products of sell in context


This may be the perfect place to play with your audience’s brain. Convey your brand messages with style and engage them to an extent that they turn into potential buyers. For example- if a consumer is looking for an upper garment, Instagram can provide an additional information of which possible bottoms can make a probable match.

  • Cannot stop, don’t stop

Don’t risk your followers feed in your urge for a need for speed. If you are unable to stop gramming, you do not have to.

Instagram offers you with a wealth of opportunities and scope to explore and utilise to spread a message to your target group of audience. People are either directly related or being connected through various social media platforms to Instagram, which is why it gives enough opportunity to branding yourself.

However, always keep in mind, where ever be it, in order to keep the user engaged, offer them something to make their wait worthy off. With the increasing popularity of the social sites like twitter and Facebook, Instagram has also gained popularity. Syncing with other social media sites can be one of the easiest Instagram tip for improving your business as popularity of visual imagery has become more prominent and can be easily used for posting strategies, products and messages that you wish to convey to innumerous masses of varied age group.