An Introduction to Parallax Website Design

The year 2013 has opened with some of the biggest changes in the subject of website designing. And these changes are here to stay for a long time to come. Parallax design is one of them.


The concept of parallax design is taking the world by storm. Parallax Design is still in its nascent stage and website designer across the world is still going through the experimental phase to implement it in a proper manner. The concept of parallax is much dependent on perspectives. The term indicates apparent movement of objects if it is viewed from different angles.


The origin of the concept can be seen way back during the time when it was implemented in 2 D video games especially in the 8 bit and the 16 bit ones. That time the background images used to move on a slow pace compared to that of the fore ground image, depicting the depth of the field. The depth of field is just an illusion in this case as the motion is developed along the Y Axis plane.


Since the time of inception in the 1980s, parallaxes have long left two plane sites and have come up to the multi planer platform. With innovations like CSS3 and HTML 5 and also due to the involvement of the modern browsers parallax has achieved a new Avatar 30 years later after its inception.


So before getting on with the transformation from your present avatar to parallax, there are certain subtle things you have to keep in mind. This blog post would be discussing about the some of those elements which will help you through the Parallax Design for every devices which are present at the moment.


Compatibility with Mobile Devices:
The parallax design has faced one weird predicament since its origin. Majority of the parallax devices does not work on mobile devices. The modern day smart phones are much acquainted with technologies such as responsive website designs and mobile first. But they have not become smart enough to handle parallax technology in the recent times.


Parallax website designers are still working towards that breakthrough which would help in working of the parallax website design technology on the mobile phone. So mobile enthusiast you have to wait for a while.


Adding the Fun Element:
The parallax design is a perfect element which can be used to provide fun. The shifting planes can be manipulated in variable ways to provide the fun element to the viewers. So it is best to manipulate the design wisely so it can be entertaining for the visitors.


Add a Narrative:
Parallax is the perfect tool which can provide a complete narrative to the viewers. The imagery can be synchronised in a way which can help in telling a story. Car Company Peugeot came up with an on line graphic novel on their which introduces their new innovation. The soul reaper graphic novel is present is the same way online.


Keep the Audience Engaged:
Audience engagement has been the main motive for the conversion of visitors to clients. The aspect of engagement has always been a challenge for the designers. Parallax has changed the rules of engagement. So if it is possible keep your audience pinned to the screen.


Instantaneous Call-To- Action:
Parallax has been the perfect tool to allure your target audience to your website. Give your visitors the opportunity to provide feedback for your products or services. Interaction with the parallax website design is the new way to guide your people to the right call-to-action.


Layering and Depths Works Wonders:
Blurred image and fast scrolling can not only provide the perfect narrative, it would make your audience feel a part of the action. The aesthetics of Parallax lies on creating illusion. The depths of fields and layers of images is the perfect tool to keep your audience mesmerized.


Unnecessary Usage Is Bad for Your Website’s Health:
If Parallax does not serve the purpose, then there is no need to use it unnecessary. If the subject of your website doesn’t go well with the website, your effort would be of total waste.


Never Over-do it:
Too much of parallax is really bad for your website. A website stuffed with too much of Parallax imagery is monotonous and might irate the target audience. So it is best used the Parallax design judiciously.


So if you are willing to know more about Parallax design, you can always go for the premium website design company in Sydney.