4 Key Trends to Shape the World of iOS App Development in 2017

Mobile apps have become an inevitable part of our daily lives. Every year, dozens of improvements are being experienced by the mobile industry. Likewise, this year Apple has declared to bring out some dynamic changes while coping up with the major market demands.

Being a premier app development company in Australia, we have always made efforts to stay keen and updated on the emerging trends. Adhering this fact, following here are some of the major iOS app development trends to watch out this year.

Swift Coding

Since its launch, Swift has gone through a series of improvements. Presently, the Apple developers have greatly switched to Swift programming language from Objective-C as it is easier to use and can be of great utility for developing advanced applications. However, the use of this advanced level programming language Swift 3.0 is about to extend this year, especially for developing applications for watchOS, iOS and other Apple devices.

Touch sensibility on iOS apps

The Finger Point feature had been introduced to us with the launch of iPhone 5s and by now, a range of apps has been built by deploying the access of touch ID. This further help in improving the security standards involved with online banking and shopping. Likewise, this year, iOS app developers are about to facilitate more usage of this efficient feature.

Cloud based applications

Cloud-based applications have gained wide popularity among the iOS app developers for sharing apps on cloud computing which, will continue to rise this year. This, in turn, helps them to sync the apps across multiple platforms on cloud computing. Cloud computing offers a range of features including location-based security and social networking tools as well. Wearable devices require proper cloud accessibility to store and retrieve the app information. Furthermore, online games need to handle a huge pile of incoming data on servers. Thus, Cloud Computing is mostly adhered as the best solution for maintaining data effectively.

Improved App Store Optimisation

Over time, the number of iOS applications available on the Play Store is increasing to a great extent. Thus, in 2017, marketers will try to understand and implement more advanced App Store Optimisation tactics including; preparing detailed descriptions of apps, selecting attractive app icons, selecting best app games, including main keywords in descriptions and uploading app screenshots as well.
Many changes have already taken place in the world of technology and many more are about to embark in the future. Adhering this fact, our team of experienced iOS app developers always stay updated on the key emerging trends and ensure of delivering future-driven solutions to our clients.